i iish becoming big fat pig! had dinner at jack’s place with family just now. wonder why my mum so nice, jio me go eat jack’s place. steak today ish nice. so ish the potato. and peach melba. lubs jack’s place. ^^

today ish bad day. early in the morning, gary was sad. i dunno how to help. i ish sad too. 😦

shernice suddenly swopped lunch timing with me, so i had to cancel ‘date’ with kenneth. omg i feel so so bad lor. i confirm lunch timing with her first then jio you k? sowie~~

and because i finished all my work before lunch, i had absolutely nothing to do after that. i spent the remaining 4 hours reading the staff handbook. smart eh? exam also don’t have so hardworking. i guess i’m stuck with the handbook again tml. i don’t think the stuff i have on hand is enough to last me the whole day. -.-”’

yings, sorry leh, don’t even have time to maple. blogskin will have to wait some time. dui bu qi!!

with regard to what boon seng asked, thanks kenneth! you always say the right things. i feel better. muacks! =D

misshiu dear. bai`bai.

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