i really dunno what i’m thinking. suddenly i’m looking forward to go to work. because 1 day at work = 1 day nearer to june 9th. =D not too sure how i’m gonna survive after that though. lols.

today was nice. had stuff to do throughout. but i still felt that time was passing too slow. oh wells. i hope there’s stuff to do tml. oh yeah, thanks buddy for pei-ing me lunch today. haha. hope you enjoyed your ‘date’ after that. =P

so sianz. for extra invitation cards, i have to go back to school, mondays to fridays, 9am to 5pm, to collect it. how am i supposed to do that? can someone pop down and collect one for me? or pass me one that you don’t want? lols.

haiz. i can’t wait for grad. can’t wait for june 9th. can’t wait to see dear. i confess, it’s the first time i’m missing someone so much. maybe it’s cos of the distance. maybe that’s why the memoriies are so precious. every short call, sms, msn, or maple, keeps me going on till the next. it’s ironic. because i’m one that needs people to pei most of the time. )= i know he’s done quite a lot, and i’m okay. i just have to learn to cope with it. it’s hard, but i’m trying…
17 days more. =X


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