one more day to friday! with all that flu and cough and cramps and moodiness this week, i’m super looking forward to the weekend for my date with zhou gong.

at work, i think i’ve spent like, 10 hours in total, just on that handbook. lols. but i have to admit, i’m getting more responsibilities liao. not looking forward to them though. hahas. work seems a little bit more bearable now because i feel that the relationship between me and a particular colleague, have just gotten abit warmer. i used to have this feeling that she doesn’t like me somehow. after that conversation the other day, she seems to treat me a lil better now. at least i don’t feel that stressed when approaching her. lol. lalala~ btw, i’m so envious of melissa. she can be in heels the whole day and still look bright and cheery all day long. how on earth does she do that? =X

hmm. i told my dad about the invitation card le. he said he maybe can pop down to collect one for me. but i’m not sure if they allow. i dowan you to wait outside leh. like, you come all the way den wait outside. -.-”’

oh wells. sho tired. dad can’t send me to mrt station tml. means i gotta wake up and leave early. sad.


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