super super tired, both mentally and physically. bit by bit, i learnt some new stuff everyday. but today was an overload. i thought i wouldn’t have anything to do in the afternoon, considering i was reading a brochure on marketing courses for an hour in the morning. surprisingly, new work came in before i finished what i was doing. when the day ended at 6pm, i haven’t even packed the welcome folders which i thought i could spend an hour on.

sheesh. i was so blur today. karen had to repeat her instructions so many times before i fully comprehended. i could almost see the look of disbelief on her face. lols. i freaking woke up at 5.30am. for a short while. that’s why.

wanted to find yean after work. i thought she was still working in town. turned out she wasn’t. oh wells. yean ah, next week hor! looking forward to esplanade! hehe.

i wish i could take the day off next friday. then got super nice long weekend. thurs to sun leh! omg so shiok. but i need to meet a candidate on that day. sho sad.

went to buy dinner for family after work just now. dunno why causeway point suddenly so many people. somemore walk soooo slow de leh. damn pekchek ah. the food court also. wah see the crowd headache liao. haiz.

okay this post is made up of totally random and unrelated stuff. wth am i doing?
15! =)

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