super duper tired. slept around 1.30, woke up at 2.30, 3.30 and 6.30. sho nice. -.-

i guess i really shouldn’t be complaining about my work. it may be boring, but at least it’s giving me money for an easy job. dear seems to be more cham than me. 7 core modules+study hard+working on weekends+pei-ing me. i seem to enjoying life as compared to him. i realized i was so selfish. i only know how to complain to him when he has his own problems. sowie~

the talk this morning gave me weird emotions. you were practically telling me how i was feeling inside myself. so scary. but i couldn’t help it and teared. 12 more days.

i guess things improved a little today. karen was suddenly so nice to me. don’t tell me she reads my blog?! lols. and they ordered jap food today. so i didn’t have to walk all the way out. but it also meant that i had to call dear in the room. luckily only shernice was around. *paiseh* jean/alice/karen was on leave today. (karen on half-day.) i enjoyed the peace. lols. also finally finished reference checks. which means, i gotta start calling up people tomorrow. i donch likes. f4. imagine me calling up the firm in india, and i can’t understand tamil. oh my oh my.

mum’s birthday tomorrow. i wonder where we’re eating. wed shopping with my gals! looking forward. best if can at esplanade, but anywhere is fine as long as i can see you gals again. (same with dear.) thurs chiong maple. fri is TGIF! this week not that bad. quite tolerable i suppose.

told my parents about gary yesterday. over mahjong. i went, “ the way, me and gary are together liao…” and my voice went softer and softer near the end. =P they din look too surprised. i suppose they kinda guessed ba. my mum kept on nagging that the phone bill’s gonna be sooo expensive. she also wanted to know why i choose until so far. then my dad kept hushing her up. lols. cutes.

abit depressed yesterday. and this morning. now is better. muacks. ^^


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