tired~ loads of stuff to do today. but time passed so slow again. sadded.
super looking forward to dinner. ma’s birthday! had it at jack’s place again. yummy! i ate so much today. growing fat le. tsk tsk. but today was nice nice. everything nice nice. ^^ pictures!

hehes. why can’t it be an official public holiday on our birthdays? hmmms.

thanks dear for calling to wish ma happy birthday. sweet of you. i guess she didn’t really expect you to call. muacks. =)

found this pic in my phone too. i guess i must have took it when i was bored and alone. this is where i spent alot of my lunch time just staring at the river. =X my fave haunt so far. nice, quiet, cooling. aaaaah~

dear. will support you no matter what. but i do hope you can think carefully about it. your future leh. and maybe should discuss with your parents too? haiz. actually, i don’t know. the selfish part of me ish glad that you can pei me more if you come. but the rational part tells me this is nothing to be happy about. oh wells. i just wish i could help somehow. )=

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