was browsing through a male-dominated forum a couple of days back and came upon this thread. it was on love and sex. the very few female forumers were saying, ‘being in love does not necessarily need to include sex’, whilst the males were arguing that having sex does not need love. hmm. kinda curious to find out whether it’s a generation thingy or a sexist question. so tada~

hahas. very bo liao right? oh wells. today’s shopping was cancelled. one sick, one working. sadded. nobody want tell me somemore. luckily i asked. -_-”’ tsk tsk. super sianz today. eyes really closing. during lunch, i kept telling my aunt, ‘I WANNA GO HOME!!’ she still purposely bring me go the mrt station. tempt me sia. heng tomorrow holiday. =P

yean! monday! suntec! lols. i envy melissa. she goes shopping practically every lunchtime, and come back with bags of stuff. i want also cannot. bleh.

some people can be sooo polite. on my way out at 6.15pm today, i heard a guy telling his colleague very loudly, “that one michelle lor. HR de.” i glanced back and he still can stare at me. wth. the level is half-empty and he said so loudly, i’m pretty sure everyone heard. do i really need publicity like that? arbish.

lalala~ shall stop here. chiong maple le!

muacks dear. i hope you know what you’re doing. shan’t nag at you, but if you wanna talk or need a listening ear, i’m here. ^^


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