happy one year anniversary to my blog! can you believe it, i’ve actually been blogging for a year already. whoots~! ^^

shan’t blog so much about work cos it’s boring and monotonous. i’m practically doing the same stuff everyday. but today was not bad. early in the morning, i cheerfully talked to the aunty who cleans the room, laughed and joked with karen, and was so enthu about setting up the laptop for the candidate. it was the first time i felt time pass so fast. only for the 1st hour though. bleh. nothing much liao.

on the way home, i seriously, seriously considered working for the full 6 months. like what dear said, the money is good. more money = more calls and more pigs! =X

bought my black pig and bow btw. ish sho happy. lubs that piggy. ^^

hmms. during lunch today, overheard this conversation.
him: saw this bag at (dunno where). it’s rectangle and quite big. i quite like it. you know how much is it? you won’t believe it.
her: how much?
him: 800 bucks!
her: wow so cheap?
(me: -.-”’)

her: i saw this bag the other day too. got 2 types, one leather, one nylon. leather one is around 3.5k, so it’s out. i settled for the nylon one.
him: how much you paid?
her: special price. 2.5k.
(me: *pengz*)

for the guy, i can’t believe it lor. 800 bucks for a bag? omfg. you got THAT much makeup to carry? =P and i bet the gal earns 4-5k a month. 2.5k. wtf. -.-”’

lalala~ yanling’s 21st bdae party tomorrow. hope i have fun. but i don’t think i’ll have much fun. don’t really know the rest. but oh wells, yanling was one of my closer classmates, so i’ll go. =)


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