went out to tampines giant this afternoon to get my mp4. 2gb for only 77 bucks! worth it hor? but after i got it, i realized the quality wasn’t that good. oh wells. i don’t wanna splurge on an ipod or zen, so just have to make do with cheap brandless ones. )= but still, 2gb! all my fave songs should be able to go in. train rides to and fro everyday will be more bearable now. and guess what? I GOT A PINK ONE! yays. ^^

i think i’ve spent around 200 bucks already. i haven’t even gotten my pay yet! >.<

random zilian-ing in the car.

i hate breakouts! i hate dry skin. i hate office aircon. i’m practically aircon-ed for almost 20 hours everyday! except weekends maybe.

room + car + train + office = dry skin + breakouts

i iish more and more ugly liao. =(

p/s. sorry yanling! sorry jolin!


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