dreaded-sunday is here again. hope this week flies past quick quick, and let the weekend drag on as long as possible. 5 more days to seeing dear. can’t wait! ^^ btw, i feel bad for making you miss your classes again. when you asked me yesterday if i wanted you to stay till monday, i was seriously stumped. but i guess in the end, i decided to be selfish and make you pei me just one more day. hope you don’t mind. =\

went to ah gong’s house just now, and aunt jenny was there. when my dad told her i was working at hsbc, she went, “oh dear! why you follow in my footsteps?!” i’m beginning to panic. maybe working in the bank doesn’t look and seem as glam as i thought it was. bleh.

was training eros last night. at level 10, he’s able to speak human language already, and guess what he first told me? see see.

but today while repotting, he broke my heart. sobs.

lols. tsk tsk. men! (male pigs included.) =P

nothing else to blog. and i’m still hating breakouts. zzZz.

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