i said i wanted to blog, but suddenly i don’t know what to blog. lols.

linda from prudential made a lunch appointment with me on friday. i guess she wanted to sell me insurance? lol! she sounded so sincere i didn’t know how to turn her down. but i guess i have to in the end. someone teach me how to say so politely that i’m not interested and not old enough to buy insurance on my own! bleh.

when dear told me about her, seriously, the first thought that ran through my head wasn’t the fact that both of them might have something on. rather, i was more afraid that dear might expect me to be like her, which i’m not, and never will be. too bad for dear. =X

hmm. shall i blog about work? lols. karen’s going on core leave tomorrow. sho lucky! one less pair of watchful eyes to see if i’m slacking anot. hahas. and i feel so paiseh, keep having to ask melissa to give me work to do. haish.

4 more days! ^^
finally can see my gals again. tsk tsk.

p/s. the post last night was just emo. i’ve already deleted it. if you’ve seen it, forget about it. if not, it doesn’t matter.


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