finally i’m past the middle of the week. 2 more days to go! heex.

i said i shan’t blog about work, but i’ll have to take it back now. lols. work iish bad bad today. nothing to do (again). hmm. a couple of nice little things though. me and shernice got abit friendlier while setting up the laptop. that’s nice. did i mention she’s super pretty? =D me and sandy got abit friendlier too. she’s the receptionist. me and nancy chatted on the way down as well. she’s from another department. hahas. that’s not bad. at least i have people smiling at me when i walk around, rather than pretending i’m not there. lols.

now the bad stuff. we are not moving after all. when i first came, melissa told me we would be moving downstairs to the 13th floor in july, and that we would be very busy packing the stuff. now that we’re not moving, i think i’m gonna have nothing to do in july as well. haish.

my heels didn’t make my day better. plasters still hurt. =X but i find the added height something rather nice. hehes. i used to hate wearing heels to school, mainly because my height would stand out in the crowd. i hate that. but now, even with such high heels, i can still easily hide amongst the tall tall ang mohs around. lols.

have always wanted to blog this, but keep forgetting. (short term memory loss.) my colleagues alice and corine always call their children every day. corine would be saying, “did you watch tv? you know you only can watch selected programmes ah. you only can watch half an hour ah.” and alice would be like, “if you practise for half an hour on the piano, i will let you use the computer for half an hour. and have mei mei gone for her ballet? did you do your assessments?”

omg lor. from what i know, their kids are like, 7-10 years old only lor. after school still got so many programmes and assignments to do. tsk tsk. how to enjoy their childhood like that? so young then no life liao. sadded.

hmms. now for the random stuff.

when you’re talking to someone, always make sure the other person understands it clearly. that was what my aunt didn’t do. apparently she asked me to order a bowl of noodles for her, but i didn’t realize that was what she said, so i didn’t buy her share. LOL. poor thing. paiseh paiseh. =\

i asked my dad about the v019 thingy. he said my line should be able to use it. shall try it out later. if it really works, i can call dear more liao! ^^ btw, he freaking knows it’s the cheapest overseas-calling rate around and yet he NEVER TELL ME! so ebil~

i just realized this afternoon, that if you use internet explorer to view my blog, there’s a nuffnang ad at the bottom of the side navigations. phew. lols. i don’t see it in firefox, that’s why i thought nuffnang rejected my blog. hmms. once formal commercial ads are up, please please jio people here everyday can? so that i can earn some more money. muhahaha!

last random point. when i was downstairs just now, i opened the gate for a mother and her daugher. she was having trouble finding her card. guess what she said? “come come. auntie open the door for us already.”

f4, f5!


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