got back my phone bill. almost 150 bucks. =X they asked me not to call anymore. but they don’t understand, that it is what keeps me going. it’s the only thing that’s pei-ing me. if i have to give up the only thing pei-ing me, i don’t know how long i can keep this up. i feel like telling them that i’m not like the other usual couples who meet for lunch or dinner every few days, or spend every weekend at each other’s house. i don’t get to see dear for goodness knows how long. nor do i get to msn much now that i’m working. they don’t understand it’s important to me. i don’t know if it is for you, but at least, it is for me.

like today. i was sad the whole morning. i was scared it might affect us. but after the call during lunch, i guess i wasn’t anymore. previously i had chunks and chunks of stuff to write, but now it doesn’t matter anymore. still, i just wanna say again.

sorry dear. dunno what came over me. muacks. cya tml~! ^^

oh wells. work still sucks. i hope i get to go out walk walk buy things everyday. can waste 30 mins leh. lols.

after my dad and i analyzed the bill, we realized that the overseas part was actually quite okay. it’s only because i called during peak hours, which means i’m charged double for those extra minutes. zzZz. but he said, if v019 really works for me, it’s gonna be cheaper (rate reduced by half) and i can plan and estimate how much to call each month. if i manage to push it down to below 100 bucks, then it’s okay. i guess scorpios understand each other more. hahas.

lalala. i iish happy le. mahjong now, maple later. can’t wait for tml. =)


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