hmms. let’s see. shan’t be blogging about everything that happened today, cos i’m tired. and i wanna maple. lols.

met dear at 11. wah the bus really zhun zhun 11am reach sia. =P thanks thanks my ah gong for bringing me all the way to checkpoint. lubs ah gong! anyway, kinda realized how much i mish dear. quite like the feeling of being a ‘normal’ couple. lols.

went walk walk at town, met ruilan/yean/hongvan for lunch. kinda weird atmosphere. hmmms. thx yean for the necklace. pweety! ^^ wanted to watch pirates, but the timing was off. so went to dear’s friend’s house to chill. then went for dinner at crystal jade. thx dear’s friend for dinner. i iish feeling bad. =X

after that dear came over to play mahjong. won 2 games but lost a few more, so overall still lose. lols. btw when i went back, they keep asking me about you. hmmms. i hope lunch tml goes well.

hope you liked that necklace as much as i liked the watch. happy one-month anniversary. lols. =D


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