as soon as i stepped into the lift at my place, it started pouring heavily. same with my tears when i went to bathe.

dear went back today. i wonder why 3 days went by so freaking fast. sorry for being such a big crybaby. i didn’t promise you not to cry because i knew i would cry. i just couldn’t help it. thankfully my bus came first, cos i don’t think i can handle watching you leave. i’m soo childish eh? maybe when i get used to not having you by my side, i’ll be alright. but at the moment, i just have to bear with it. i’m missing you already. =(

oh wells. just to summarize, dear got me a watch for our anniversary. i lubs it sho much! thx dear. it matches his one too! ^^ see see.

hmms. nice meeting up with ying and lin. more than 1yr never meet le hor? tsk tsk. when go shopping?! hehes. pics. p/s. i iish sho fat. argh!

whatever is to be said, has been said. so i don’t think i have anything else to say. waiting for you to come collect your ring. muacks.


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