*cough cough* =(

work was super super boring. lols. yawned like 10 times within the first hour. multiply that by 8 and you have the amount of yawns today. maybe cos it was raining heavily, plus air con. haish. had bao again for lunch. i thought my tummy would start growling soon, but luckily, there were dumplings for teabreak! hahas.

so sad. i think i’m gonna be sick. the cough has started. let’s pray the flu doesn’t.

last last. dear, this is the song ‘guan huai fang shi’ i mentioned the other day. ^^

(was sniffing away during lunchtime while talking to dear. i wish i wasn’t so useless. i wish i could handle him leaving. i don’t want to seem so ‘sticky’ and dependent. i will try to grow up. i will try to cope with it. i will try to get used to him leaving again and again. i must…get used to it.)


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