i ish officially sick liao. =( i can feel my voice turning sexy. you know what that means right? haish. how am i supposed to answer calls like that? air con makes it worse. i’ve been going to the toilet more and more often, because there’s no air con there. but i’m afraid the rest might think i’m slacking. tsk tsk. jialats.
work today was sho fun. i stared at the same google search page for more than an hour, only scrolling up and down to make it look like i’m doing something. my eyes were mostly half-closed, sometimes fully closed, and hardly fully-open. i tried to surf the web when i was doing lunch duty and the others were all out. turned out that they blocked alot of the websites. i couldn’t get in hotmail, nor friendster, nor even blogger! thank god my blog still works. =.=

as i was scanning some documents, i glanced out of the window and there i saw the singapore flyer, in full view. super nice, even though it’s not even half complete. so i went and browsed online about it. apparently, this is what it looks like when it’s completed. nice hor? like upside-down diamond ring. hehes.

i wanna go up when it’s done. but sure very ex. and i’m afraid of heights. zzZz.

lalala~ nothing else to blog le. misshiu. maple-time! =P

p/s. bought lottery for the first time today. and no, i didn’t win. lols.


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