if you’re wondering why i’m blogging at this time of the day..yep, i took mc again.

i felt so bad when i smsed melissa. she was nice. told me to rest and that there wasn’t anything urgent i had to follow up. but i sure hope they aren’t cursing me behind. lols.

missed the 7.45am empty train again, so i had to stand all the way. felt giddy and faint halfway through. maybe also because i stood for quite a long period of time yesterday. managed to pia until raffles place. was sweating like mad. =.= sat there for like, 10 minutes. kept debating whether or not to see doc again, or just try to tahan the whole day. in the end, decided to come back and take mc. besides having no mood to work, i also can’t take mc tml and thurs. i’m thinking fri would be more bearable since i can look forward to meeting dear (i hope), so i gave in to temptation today. haish. *guilty*

my dad and i talked about my job this morning in the car. halfway through, he said “but you’re so much happier working there.” he was referring to my attachment company. i kept pondering about it. true true. even though while working there, i kept complaining, i still enjoyed it. colleagues can make it heaven or hell for you.

i miss those times at sono, where we go for lunch together, walk around sucking lollipops together, joke and laugh together, learn together, and simply just enjoy working together. unlike now. i hardly talk to the rest other than work-related. we have nothing in common as well. i eat lunch alone or with my aunt, and basically just sit there alone doing my work or nothing at all. they only call me when they need me to do stuff. though i admit, corine sometimes offers me tidbits, and karen shares her tips on buying shoes, but..it’s still unbearable. )=

i’m seriously stuck between a high-paying, comfortable but sucky job, or aiming towards getting a low-paying, sweaty under-the-sun job which i think i will enjoy. tsk tsk. at first i wanted lots of money so that i can call dear. but since now my parents limit my bill to around 100-120 every month, what’s the point right? as long as i make more than 200 each month, it should be enough to last. argh!

oh wells. maybe, i will try for the zoo/night safari job again. keep sending in my resume until they call me up. lols. sooo looking forward to the day when i can finally say byebye to my colleagues and NOT see them again. ^^


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