finally my fave day of the week! I LOVE FRIDAYS! =D

hmms. quite a bad bad day at work. dunno why felt sianz and depressed early in the morning. managed to pia until lunch. today is my aunt’s last day at her office, so from now on, i have to lunch myself. please pray it doesn’t rain at all. otherwise i have to eat pao. =.= anyways, dunno why i cried while talking to dear. hahahaha. big crybaby sia. tsk tsk.

while i was doing lunch duty, received this weird call from this weird guy speaking with an even weirder accent. so hard to understand lor. he kept asking me to transfer him to a department we didn’t have, and since i’m not familiar with the commercial bank side (me ish private bank), i had to look around for help. there was no one there except karen, and she was busy rushing out a report. can you imagine how bad i felt and how pissed she was when i kept asking her for help? haish. stupid guy. WE ARE NOT TELEPHONE OPERATORS! THERE ARE RECEPTIONISTS FOR THAT! =.=

supposed to watch nancy drew after work. someone pangseh-ed me last min. hahaha! no lah. my feet hurt also. but i wanna watch nancy drew. I WANT I WANT!! next week k dear? lols. i love her books. carolyn keene rocks. =P

anyways mingkai, too bad about the pom. you know why my parents said cannot at first? cos, they dunno what is a pomeranian. LOL. my mum said after she check website then she know how cute it was. then she say want. but too late liao. oh wells. lols.

*countdown* 7 more days! ^^


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