meeshell has a new job!! in addition to being a HR assistant, she has also taken on the role of a cleaner!! yays. =.=

yes yes. yours truly now has to clear dustbins of my colleagues every week. not one, not two, but 5 dustbins! wtf. alice was nice enough to say, “don’t lah! don’t do this lah. so horrible.” haiz. alice dear, you think i want meh? you think i enjoy doing this meh? but big boss open mouth ask me clear, i can say dowan mah?!?! you know how i felt when i was squatting there clearing the bins? you know how much i wanted to just hide under the table until everyone has left so that nobody will see me clearing rubbish? YOU DON’T KNOW!!

i’m so sick and tired of entertaining people the whole day. i hate to smile and pretend to enjoy talking when all i want is the opposite. can i at least have a little bit of peace at home? =(

6 weeks ago, i was beginning to learn to cope with office life. 6 weeks later, i’m still learning to cope with office life. it’s so hard. i’m really not happy working there, and i just want someone here for me. someone to take care of me. someone to fuss over me. someone to make me feel that everything is worth it.

but what’s the point when you’re not here when i needed you?

i’m exhausted. i don’t have much energy left. sorry.

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