work was alright today. i think i’m getting more stuff to do. that’s a pretty good thing. =) getting more responsibilities too. scary, but it sure beats sitting there doing nothing at all. just learnt that shernice will be leaving end of july. which means, i prolly have to take over her duties. karen already hinted to me to learn stuff from her so that i can help karen when she leaves. that sucks. i wonder if i’ll be asked to sit at shernice’s desk after she leaves. provided i haven’t quit yet. hmmm.

met my yean after work at town to collect my certificate. yean ish super nice to collect it for me. lubs my yean. the first thing she said when she saw me was, “你的样子看来很累. 你好像一天比一天憔悴 leh.” sho sweet hor? hahas. saw all my results. i din realized i was this bad. lols. sheesh. too late now. i hate to say this, but, WHY DIDN’T I WORK HARDER?! =\

met lissa, mingzhu and yinxia also. super long din see them liao. gonna miss you sa. hope you enjoy it over there. come back liao must meet up hor! =D

tml is friday! yays! i just have to get through 8 hours of work tml, and i can see dear! *happy*


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