ruilan says she reads my blog everyday, but i haven’t been blogging for the past 2 days, so she got nothing to read. i’m blogging now so she has something to read. lols.
super din feel like going to work this morning. i sat there in the dark for like, 5 mins, debating whether or not to take leave again. lol. i wonder why i’m so tired. i slept at around 11.30pm last night leh. hais. lucky i din take leave. otherwise my dad would have something else to nag at me again. zzZz.

on the way to work, i suddenly thought of the dream i had last night. first part, i dreamt of work. =.= then suddenly become maple. i dreamt that me and another archer were training at some weird map, and then dunno why we started shooting strafe. i still remember thinking, ‘wah, so good ah?! level 6X got strafe liao.” lols. maple-addicted. bleh.

was super super sianz at work. cos i had totally nothing to do again. my to-do list keeps getting shorter and shorter. furthermore, the stuff i have to do are not those that i can finish doing. i’ve already done my part and i have to wait for the other side to finish their part before i can continue. sucks lor.

let’s see what i did today.
9 hrs of work –
1.75 hrs of shredding –
1.25 hr of lunch –
1 hr of photocopying stuff –
= 5 hrs of stoning!!

omfg. -_-”’

i hate the office shredder. the paper keeps getting stuck at the blades, and then i have to reach in and clear the mess. i don’t like being in such a vulnerable position. even though i switch off the machine before my hand goes in, i hate to think what happens if for some reason the machine starts moving suddenly. tsk tsk. scary you know?! =\

had some time alone in the room before i went for lunch. took a couple of random pics.

haiz. sho ke lian hor? lol. during lunch, i ordered a big cup of ice coffee. she gave me HOT coffee instead. =.= can you imagine drinking hot coffee after walking under the sun in 3 layers of clothings? best part, i felt sleepy within the first 10mins of stepping into the office after lunch. no caffeine effect at all. sianz.

dear wanted this. i look super horrible. the sun melted my makeup. lols.

oh wells. went for retail therapy after work. nothing much to buy. just bought some rose candles and sachets to make my room smell nice nice. hehes. rushed home, ate, and started to clean my room. dunno why, but i was thinking about cleaning my room throughout the day. lols.

last bit. 2 days of rest day for me. let’s see how much i can chiong on maple. LOL. ^^

p/s. people, do that poll thingy at the sidebar pweese?

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