my mum should come pick me up everyday after work. so i won’t go for retail therapy and spend money again. haish. but anyway, here’s a little quote from my horoscope this week.

“if the financial situation is now easing, as it should be, you can look forward to spending your way to happiness. it’s surprising how little it takes to cheer you up.”

how very fitting! hehes. bought something for me and dear just now. i hope he likes it though. 😛

work was still manageable today. not as busy as monday, but certainly not as free as before. the only bad thing is, i’m almost done with the huge pile of documents to shred. i wonder what else can i do after that. lols. i want more work!! blehs.

iish tired. 2 days more to the weekend. let me get through these 2 days. *prays*

p/s. this is old news, and i’m sure everyone has noticed those silver seats at the underground mrt stations. i wonder what’s the purpose of it, when you keep sliding off if you try to sit on them. really!

p/p/s. freaking scary and stressed talking to dear’s mum. ><


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