new blogskin. made on the spur of the moment. okay not really. but yeah, new skin. lols. i’m so obsessed with butterfly patterns. every image i make, seem to have one or two fluttering around. hahas. i don’t know why, but this skin seems kinda gloomy..sad..depressing..lonely…hmmmm. i wonder if it’s reflecting my mood.

but i think i’m like the skin. there are some things which i show you clearly, some things which are abit hard to see, and some that are faded so much that you can’t really see what it says. it’s there; i just don’t want to let you know what it is. see what i showed you, read what i typed. for those that are barely there, you can squint, but it would be wise not to ask. cos if i wanted to let you know, i would have shown it clearly.

just a gentle reminder. you don’t need to know everything about me, nor do i need to tell you everything. i don’t want to. note that.

on a lighter note, i wanna watch harry potter!! someone jio me out please. lols. having sushi craving as well. haish. getting fatter and fatter, not to mention more and more broke. and i still need more clothes. -_-”’ i should have gone with mel and the rest for that guy’s boutique grand opening. maybe got discount leh! but i think i also won’t be able to afford those. hahas.

last last~ cup maggi is super nice when you’ve got a sudden craving for it. ^^


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