9.30am – here i am, blogging on microsoft word in the office again. you guys ever tried typing a word document with normal 12 point font, zoomed to only 60%? it’s freaking small and hard to see can?! but no choice, cos if it’s hard to see for me, it’s gonna be even harder for people standing behind to see. then hopefully they won’t know that i’m blogging instead of doing work. hahas.

i think this post will be long, cos i have the whole freaking day to type. lol. i only have to worry about how i’m gonna send this home, cos i can’t access my email on this comp. haish. that sucks. i thought i still can play email with people. now i’m stuck. thank god the internet still works. blehs.

if you’re wondering why i’m complaining today, lemme remind you. i have to sit outside instead of the hr room because big boss from hong kong is here, and i cannot be seen by her. so i have the whole day to myself, with nothing to do. lalala~ how nice hor? =.=

early in the morning, i heard this pregnant colleague of mine talking to another colleague (loudly) about how people won’t give up their seats to her on the train. she was saying, “the government keeps encouraging people to give birth, and yet they don’t educate the general public on graciousness. it’s like nobody cares lor.”


i was like, what the fuck sia. pregnant very big meh? you think the whole train only you tired meh? cannot tahan then don’t pregnant lor. if you’re taking public transport, it is assumed that you are well enough. if kind people offer their seats to you, be thankful. if nobody does, don’t curse and swear and look at everyone with daggers in your eyes. we are not freaking obliged to give up our seats just because you got yourself pregnant. -_-

i sound so very bad. but seriously that’s how i feel lor. really couldn’t help feeling pissed when she was talking as if the whole world owes her something. zzzz.oh wells. i’m ebil i guess. =)

is it the rainy season already? i thought it was in october? i hate rain when i’m working. first, it’ll be sooo cold. second, i can’t go to the riverside to eat. haish. the skies look very gloomy outside. i think i have to eat in today. super sianz. cannot go out waste time. haiz.

9.46am – everyone seems so busy. i think i’m the only one slacking lor. i’m feeling guilty leh. poor shernice has to sit inside. i’m actually occupying her table and not doing anything. i feel bad for inconveniencing her leh. tsk tsk. when corine’s back tml, she has to sit at my ‘table’. i hope she can take it. lols. i wish mel can just tell me to go on leave today and tomorrow. :p

(m&m’s are nice, reference checks are boring.)

11.41am – oops jialat liao. was browsing through classifieds online for rooms to rent, and suddenly mel appearred behind me. i couldn’t alt+tab in time and while talking to me, she kept glancing at the screen. lucky i was just reading the ads and not blogging or reading my blog. haish.

12.22pm – lunch, here i come! ^^

1.19pm – back from lunch. i think i only ate in the office for like, 15mins? the rest of the time was spent walking to the riverside and back again, as well as standing there talking. argh! 4hrs 40mins more. f4. and i keep thinking of aphroditee. ))=

another thing. why is it that most of the time when i ask for ice coffee, i get hot coffee instead? it’s true i need hot coffee cos it’s freezing in the office, but it’s so ma fan to drink hot coffee here lor. plus got the risk of spilling it. iced coffee is better. can use straw. lols. pretty tempted to get my daily coffee from spinelli instead of banquet. bleh.

i’m bored. shall we have some DID YOU KNOW fun?
1. a donkey will sink in quicksand, while a mule will not. (wow?)
2. 4000 people are injured by teapots every year. (lucky i don’t have one at home)
3. there are more chickens in the world than people. (heheheheheh..)
4. every year, more people are killed by donkeys than by aircraft crashes. (saddam should just rear a herd of donkeys then.)
5. in 1892, italy raised the minimum age for marriage for girls to 12. (wtf?)
6. in 1843, a parisian street mime got stuck inside his imaginary box, and starved to death. (duh!)
7. every labrador retriever dreams about bananas. (the fruit!)
8. if one places a tiny amount of liquor on a scorpion, it will instantly go mad and sting itself to death. (what about alcoholic scorpios? O_o)
9. the world’s youngest parents were 8 and 9, and lived in china in 1910. (-_-)

2.40pm – i feel bad to see everyone so busy with the induction and yet i can’t seem to do anything to help. =\

5pm – the work mel gave me is almost done. thx dear for chatting with me thru taggies. hehes. i did nothing the whole day and yet i’m feeling tired. i wonder how am i gonna get through tml.

at least you guys can expect another long long blog post for tml. haha. today’s is a whopping 2 pages man! eeks.

anyways, i think i wanna paint my nails later. hmm. brown, purple, green, black. any idea which one? hehe.

6pm – bai`bai.

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