8.52am – i wonder if today’s post will be as long as yesterday’s. i suppose it will be filled with randomness, cos i’m in the office, and freaking bored already. =( but i think i have to go back into the room in the afternoon after lunch. suddenly i don’t wanna go in. my back feels better sitting at a proper table. *sobs*

as i was filling up my water bottle this morning, i realized that i didn’t drink any water except that cup of coffee after lunch yesterday. lols. i’ve even been eating m&m’s the whole day. can expect more breakouts liao. haish.

while i was crossing the road just now, heard this song blasting from a car. charlene’s i’ve never been to me. super nice song! lols.

when big boss from hong kong is here, suddenly everyone comes in before 9 and leaves after 6. tsk tsk. and i just realized linda and emily calls pretty much everyone dear. lols.

went for lunch with nancy. i was wondering why she suddenly so nice, treat me burger king somemore. turned out that she was trying to convert me to a christian. i wanted to tell her, don’t waste your time, but aiyah, she’s a nice person lah. lol.

went back in the room after lunch. suddenly got so much stuff to do. hahas. i iish happy when there’s work! =)

met my girls after work. went for dinner. i was starving at first, but after seeing this, i felt full already. lol.

took neoprints after that. i’m not gonna post them up. i look horrible. -_-”’

that’s all. i’m tired. nites.


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