dear said it was hard to read from my previous blogskin.
so i changed it again. 🙂

took mc today. i feel so bad. but i guess it can’t be helped.
nearly fainted on the train.
the doctor said it was most probably due to this Vaso Vagal Syncope, aka fainting spell.
he said for some reason or other, my blood pressure dipped this morning, triggering this attack.
it’s supposed to be normal, but apparently if it happens again, i need to go A&E.
i also asked him if my headache was related to my wisdom teeth.
guess what he said?
“wisdom tooth, sometimes will pain, sometimes won’t pain. it depends.”
but i likes him. he always gives 2 days mc, without me asking for it. hehes.

tireds. i need more sleep.
i need some life too.
how can one have both without feeling like a zombie?
3 days down, 2 more to go.
my days are so meaningless.

*bangs wall*


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