woke up with headache and fever, so i used up the mc for today as well.
i feel so bad, cos melissa’s on half day today.
they have one less person to help answer phone calls in the afternoon. haiz.
but i have to admit, i miss slacking at home.
can’t wait for november 13th, where i can finally bid a temporary bye bye to office life.
TGIF tomorrow, and dear on sat.
please let time pass as fast as possible tml.
let’s just hope yesterday’s and today’s workload can take me through the day.
i so dread going to work. *pouts*

enough of work le ba.
cher cher jo jo, are we meeting tml? cher said maybe fri meet right?
i wanna have something to look forward to leh.
lols. half a year liao leh. tsk tsk.
and thanks cher, for kindly letting me know the ending for the latest harry potter book.
you just made me less interested to buy the book. -_-”’
(which costs a whopping 55bucks?) zzZz.

on the topic of harry potter, i wonder why i’m so not interested in it this time.
even my parents were wondering how come i never even buy the book.
they tell me it’s because i have other things in my life now.
but i don’t think that’s the main reason.
i think…it’s because i’m working now. hahas.
by the time i finish dinner everyday, it’s already 8plus.
having spent the whole day seeing words, why would i want to spend the remaining few hours reading?
i don’t seem to have the mood nor the energy to focus on reading.
excuses? yeah, that’s me.

last last. blur_queen is back in audi! hehes.
where are all my buddies?! where are all my guildmates?! where is my audi laogong?!
all quit liao ah? lols.
my skills deproved soo much; i felt soo paiseh using my clubber char. =X
but neverminds, aphroditee more important. hahas.

suddenly i realized it’s already august next week. hmmm…
alrights, that’s all for today. bai`bai.


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