busy busy day.
been working non-stop ever since i stepped into office and saw that huge pile of documents on my chair.
even though i was abit blur blur today, i still managed to complete most of it.
wows. first time i actually have work left undone. ^^
adeline, melissa, shernice, and even jean, asked whether i was feeling better already.
karen seemed pretty concerned that i looked extra pale today.
suddenly i feel so 感动-ed. hahas.

i wonder how people walk all day in heels and yet their heels can still look as good as new after so long.
i have like, seven or eight pairs of heels, and practically all of them have one rubber heel off. -_-”’
any recommendations on cheap and reliable cobblers? haish.

saw this notebook while browsing the newspaper.
chio hor? it’s PINK! 🙂
complete with pink mouse and pink carrying case.
it has a built-in webcam, 3 usb ports, and nice nice media buttons at the bottom.
really tempted to start saving up for it.

happy i may be since it’s friday, some people die die also must come piss me off.
i thought i could have a heart2heart talk with you.
i thought i could share what i was thinking with you.
i thought i could finally hear what you really thought about it.
i shared my opinions with you.
yet you couldn’t understand even the simplest of english language.
thanks for backstabbing me. thanks for messing everything up.
i wish i hadn’t even said a single thing about it to you.
i swear i will never make this same mistake again.
you disgust me. thoroughly.


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