suddenly no mood and nothing much to blog. lols.

a few random points :
1) dear’s finally staying in sg, but i feel bad when his mum cried. 😦
2) he’s staying 25mins bus ride away. ^^
3) shopping + movie = happy me. (though spending 100bucks on clothes ish not celebration.)
4) i’m tired.
5) work sucks. (as always.)

bye july. hello august. i miss (insert previous month). i NEED november!!
november 13th to be precise. argh.

read from jo’s blog about the topic on why ‘like animals = like kids’.
i like animals. don’t mind them being dirty. don’t mind them being notty. don’t mind them running about.
but i can’t seem to stand kids.
like babies. they’re cute when they’re quiet. but once they start bawling, i darn feel like slapping them. :X
young kids. i really bth those that keep running here and there.
and if they knock into you and cry, you’re the one at fault for not ‘siam-ing’ in time. -_-”’
it’s hard to imagine me being a mum. human mum. NO WAY! eeks. *shivers*


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