tired. more mentally, less physically.
realized i have been blogging lesser and lesser nowadays.
no time to blog? no mood to blog? nothing to say?
i don’t know.

feeling grouchy and grumpy and sianz these couple of days.
maybe i just need some time alone? some personal time. for myself.
i’m sorry for acting that way.

on a lighter note, i finally see a double digit on that countdown timer.
99 days to november 13th! can’t wait! 🙂

friday, august 3rd, 2007
met up with cher and jo for dinner. was looking forward to it the whole day.
went to this ‘high-class’ jap restaurant over at raffles city.
food was nice, but price not nice.
poor jo got some milky gruel-like thingy. lols.
we were paying for the quality instead of quantity;
when we could jolly well enjoy ourselves the same with sakae.
but neverminds. i had fun with them.
and thanks alot cher for that necklace. lubs it. lubs you too. ^^
popped down to esplanade. really like it there. nice scenery, nice breeze.
but too many people. zzZz.

oh wells. i’m tired. gonna sleep soon.


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