meeshell is not quitting her job after all. *sobs*

tendered in my resignation letter this morning.
jean asked me into her room after reading it.
i only expected her to ask me why i wanna quit. but not only that, she asked me to stay! -_-
she say until like dun have me very jialat lydat.
but i think hor, she’s just trying to avoid the hassle that comes with hiring and training a new contract.
especially with melissa going on block leave end of this month.
oh wells. super sianz. stuck for another 3 months. 3 FREAKING LONG MONTHS!! haiz.

i hope no pet shops call to say they hire me. i’ll cry lor. zzZz.

p/s. heard that kenneth tham had a heart attack and died in school yesterday. sad lor.
i was from his ATM and TRMK lecture, and attended a couple of his tutorials, i think.
he was a nice lecturer and good tutor.
may he RIP. 😦


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