2nd day of slacking at home. long long weekend. me likes. =P
abit bored, abit sianz, abit tired, VERY shiok! hahas.
i wish it could be like this always. oh wells.

loads of ups and downs recently. emotional rollercoaster this week.
looks like everything’s going haywire.
breakouts, work, friends, family, relationship…the problems seem to come together.
trying to settle it one by one.
hopefully by the time i return to work next week, i’ll feel better.

with the recent petshop job saga, i think…i need a pet. desperately.
a hamster, a betta, whatever. i just NEED a pet.
(if not, i may just catch a lizard and try to teach it to shake hands. -_-”’)
my life feels so empty. lol.
it’s like, there’s nothing to look forward in life. tsk tsk.

back to the petshop thingy, i still feel that “all jobs are equal”.
what’s wrong with working in the petshop or the zoo?
i’m still earning money right? just abit lesser.
how come everyone think that office job must be very good?
if office job so good, there won’t be such a high employee turnover rate.
not all people go for comfortable, high-paying office jobs can?! zzZz.

was browsing through MOP forums when i came across this old thread.
“Passion v Money”
many replies say that they don’t really mind earning abit lesser for passion.
i felt so relieved lor.
at least now i know, i’m not the only weird one around.

but i also realized something.
i shouldn’t be trying to convince people around me to accept my thinking.
it takes an animal lover to understand another.
i should be spending more time searching for other animal lovers to have fun with,
instead of wasting time/energy on those who can’t seem to understand.
so, to those that are reading this, ignore me if you think i’m weird. hahas.

haish. can’t seem to make up my mind about what to do next.
♥ get a diploma in hotel management at SHATEC
♥ continue working..and working..and working (I DON’T WANT!!! >.<)
♥ make up course!! (waiting for yean and her sis to start biz tog)
♥ nail art course
♥ animal grooming course
♥ save money for overseas vet course (doubt can get in though)
♥ find a rich ang mo and get married off to some nice countryside where i can have my farm! (jkjk.)

oh wells. why must life be full of decisions to make?
and why can’t we make our own decisions?
why are there so many problems to face?
was reminded of a story i studied back then for literature. THE MACHINE STOPS.
i wish i could live in that kinda world. *dreams*

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