bad bad day today.

woken up by my mum. at 8 plus. early this morning.
situations like this always put me in a very irritable and grouchy mood the whole day.

here’s what happened today:
♥ ‘quarreled’ with dear about going to his place
♥ needed sleep but dunno why can’t seem to fall asleep
♥ can’t find any place to train in maple
♥ out of 6 traders (8 igns), NONE were online the whole afternoon. -_-
♥ rain + thunder + lightning = no peace
♥ spotted a couple of perfect betta glass tanks, but were out of stock.
♥ maple di had relationship problems, but i couldn’t seem to help much.
♥ had to finish up one large fries….
♥ …..when i already told dear not to buy them.
♥ failed 60% overall dex. 1.5 million byebye.
NOT looking forward to work. at all.

only good thing was the song dear wrote for me.
couldn’t hear it clearly over the phone, but it was nice. ^^

oh wells. guess i’ll be taking another day’s leave tml. *hates work*
was just thinking, no matter how hardworking i am, the most i can get is a good testimonial.
jean has already told me straight that there’s no perm position for me at the end of 6 months.
therefore, i wonder if i should take jean’s advice to go on 2 weeks’ leave and go back in sept.
cos next month, there’ll be two poly attachment students in our dept.
hopefully i’ll be able to click with them.
den i won’t have to lunch alone anymore! lols.
but until den…tata~

[ i din know latte was supposed to look like this ]

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