lovely day today. dunno why too.
finished ALOT of work today.
stuff which i had dragged on for a few weeks, i finally finished them today! ^^
also liaised with people and arranged interviews.
dunno why i like arranging interviews nowadays. lols.
helped karen to set up the presentation for HR meeting in the afternoon.
she hor, tsk tsk.
everything also dunno how to do one lor.
then i also dunno how to do. haish. must slowly go figure out.
lucky managed to do it. could see she was kinda pleased.
maybe that’s why she asked me to join them for the movie next month.
din want to go at first, but agreed out of politeness. hope she forgets. hahas.
then jean came back in for the meeting.
she looked darn happy to see me lor. dunno why. =P
managed to make some reference check calls as well.
they promised me results. hope they really got give.

enough of boring work stuff.
supposed to meet cher and jo for kenny.
but jo not feeling well. TAKE CARE DEAR!
next time k? =D

2 more days before work starts again.


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