tired. slept at 4am last nite. tsk tsk.
went out for lunch with mingkai. ass lor. make me eat so much. fat liao lah.
went arcade (again) after that. tried to catch toys (again).
surprisingly he managed to get one on his first one buck.
at first i thought he so li hai, den i saw so many people also managed to get.
cheyy. -_-”’
but at least i tan dio one free pooh. hahas. xie xie ni~

[ milk pooh? ]

after that went yishun ah gong house.
while i sat outside talking to dear, biscuit come sit beside me leh.
first time sia. lols.

[ sho kiute *licks* ]

had a nice chat with kenneth. short one, but it helped.
thanks buddy, for always being there. =0)

oh wells. poor dear. so freaking sway. is it my fault? *ponders*
haish. dun pek chek liao. settle your stuff den come back ba.
need my help lemme know. muacks.


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