it’s been a horrible week so far.
not enough sleep nia.
and even when i manage to close my eyes, i dream of work. wth.

so here i am, blogging in the office again.
super super bored; absolutely nothing to do at all. haish.
i really wonder what am i here for. lols.

everyone’s back at work today, except mel and corine.
which sucks. because i have to sit at my ‘desk’.
unlike yesterday, which was probably one of the best days.
apart from the sg/hk drama in the morning, of cos.
i spent the entire morning yesterday blogging. lols.
i must admit time passed pretty fast, even though i didn’t go out for lunch at all.
went to sit at karen’s desk in the afternoon.
i love that position lah. especially when there’s no one in the room.
no one could see what i was doing.
and i spent the whole afternoon reading fanfics.
did OT for a while somemore. lovely!
i guess there’s no more such chances anymore. ah wells.
lunch was miserable today.
had to buy food for jean. and so i spent 10mins in total gobbling up my food. -_-
lunch duty plus lunch together. haiz. can’t wait for 6pm.

i think my blog’s dying day by day.
cos it’s filled with horribly boring work-related hsbc crap. >.<
i need a nice new pinkish blogskin too. someone inspire me!!

ratatouille and chocolate bar tomorrow. finally.
mee wants remy. i wish he was real. lol.


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