i told myself not to take leave randomly for the rest of the 2 months. but one week into sept and i’ve already taken 2 days off. argh!! i hate my inability to resist temptation sometimes. but can’t really blame me right? the mere thought of sitting the whole day in that awkward position, the whole day of stoning and staring at the same screen, the whole day of pretending i’m busy with work – makes it so hard for me to drag myself there. and my back, my poor poor back. i wonder if i’m able to sue hsbc if i sustained long-term spinal injuries due to the lack of a proper table. lols.

okays i’m crapping. but seriously, if there’s one thing i really hate about work, it’s the absence of a proper table. i wonder why even interns and attachment students have tables to sit at. lalala~ anyways, work tomorrow (i hope). hmmm. maybe i should reward myself with a new laptop or phone if i manage to NOT take any leaves for the rest of the 2 months. but then, think again, it’s not possible. very much IMpossible. haiz.

sorry for making you happy and then disappointing you again. sorry for being fickle-minded, and sorry for being used to doing that. sorry for not knowing you’re not used to it. -_-”’

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