busy busy day today. so many interviews to arrange, so many things to follow up, so many people to liaise with. din have time to stone today. so freaking tired, but at least time passed quite fast today. i wish everyday was like that. lols.

lunched with karen today. it was nice to have company for a change, even though it was mostly her talking and me listening. hahas. we talked on a rather interesting topic: bgr. hmmms. felt pretty weird talking about it to her, but not a bad weird nonetheless. haha i’m crapping again. =\

after work, had dinner at subway with yingg. i’m always reminded of school when i go out with friends who are still schooling. envy sia. work sucks. believe me.

oh wells. movie ‘no reservations’ tomorrow. it’s not quite the kind of movie i would pay to watch, but since it’s free, why not? lols.

alrights. off to rest.


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