unpaid leave number 5. lols. i’m hopeless. i just hope the completion bonus can cover all those leaves i’ve taken so far. haish. 8 more weeks; 40 more days; 360 hours more to go. looks so short yet feels so long. all for the sake of that completion bonus. must keep telling myself that it’s worth it. >.< as i browse through the list of jobs available, all i see are admin/accounts/hr jobs. maybe i should really give lin’s suggestion a try. really hate office life. i need some meaning back in my life. haish.

saw something i shouldn’t have seen. i guess i’m kinda hurt, but can’t blame anyone. what’s done is done. but if gaining one thing means losing alot of others, i rather NOT have this one thing. i just hope time can help solve it. =(

btw, happy birthday kai! ^^


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