[blogging@work, 12.03pm]
i think i shall blog at work everyday. gives me something to do here and saves some time when i get back home. haish. have stoned 3 hours so far. 1 more hour to go before lunch. should i eat burger king today? to reward myself for successfully resisting temptation to take leave again. LOL. another 36 work days to go. if i shall have to reward myself everyday for resisting temptation, i’ll turn into a big fat pig in no time! blehss. =p

1.45pm, back from lunch. my burger king dream was replaced with dimsum with karen. expensive lunch. =.=

suddenly i find even blogging so meaningless. in fact, everything has become so meaningless. i miss those times back then. i miss having fun; i miss slacking around. most importantly, i miss those free days. days where i could choose whether or not to attend school. days spent slacking in tutorials and dozing in lectures. times where i could do things and go places without having to account to anyone. and those outings with friends. i miss those.

我好厌倦每一件事都要报告得清清楚楚. 我讨厌没有自己的私人空间和宁静. 我不喜欢我的生活这样被打乱. 好讨厌 绑着, 喘不过气的感觉. 种无奈的情况下, 我还发现自己是多么的可有可无. 真不知道还能熬多久. =(


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