finally got time to blog. went to east coast for bbq with dear and his colleagues yesterday. not bad, quite fun. hehes. but best of all was the ocean. me loves the sea. so nice to feel the sea breeze and the salty smell in the air. went to stand in the water for a while. bloody nice to feel the sand underneath your feet and the waves against your legs. i felt so comfortable, so relaxed, so…wows. lols. pity i couldn’t wade into the water though. neverminds; there’s always next time. =)

saw sunset also. well, not exactly sunset ba. just the sky’s lovely shade of blue, pink and orange. also ‘climbed’ the tower at night. the horizon’s ship lights looked just so nicee from up there. the sea makes me feel so small. there’s so much out there i wanna see, wanna experience, wanna enjoy. sad that i’m stuck here. haish. anyways, me wanna go there again!! next time i shall persuade my parents to hold bbqs there instead of downstairs.

work tomorrow. hope i don’t take anymore leaves. lol.
p/s. happy birthday di!
p/p/s. i miss my gals. =(


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