lol mee took leave again. not my fault this time. my dad tempted me to. early this morning, we were on our way down when he realized his car keys was in my mum’s car. and while we were downstairs waiting for my mum to come back, i accidentally let out a big sigh, and guess what? he said, “if you dowan go work then go up lah.” i was like, “WAH REALLY AH? how come you suddenly so good today?” he gave me the -_- face. lols. in the end i gave in to temptation and went upstairs. tsk tsk. office people are pissed. i can feel it. hahas. ah who cares. 6 more weeks. then i’m outta there. i miss school. ><

wonder why time pass so fast when i’m at home. why can’t it be like that at work as well? lol. no mood to maple today. since this afternoon, i’ve been watching dramas on crunchyroll. at first it was witness to a prosecution, now it’s kindaichi shonen no jikenbo. lubs that show lor. kindaichi sho kawaii. hehe. both dramas make solving cases so interesting and fun. tsk tsk. compared to hr, HAIZ!

super super sianz when i think of work tml. someone, something, motivate me please!


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