early this morning i was thinking, “i must remember to blog tonight that meeshell is not tempted to take leave anymore. she’s tempted to bloody hell QUIT!” throughout the 40min journey, i kept thinking and thinking why i feel like shit every morning. no nice workload, no nice colleagues, no nice environment, no career advancement, nothing to learn at all…that salary isn’t motivating me to go to work anymore. i wish i could treat it as a holiday job and just pia another 1 more month for the bonus, but i can’t cos it’s NOT a holiday job. i’m sure i can’t resist taking somemore leaves, and the bonus won’t be able to cover it. i just don’t see the point of staying on anymore. might as well quit and spend the extra time to find another job. i know it’s not easy to find a job that i like, but at least, let me find one that i don’t mind working at. not one that i hate. =.=”’

so, yeah. shall be tendering in tml. doubt they will persuade me to stay anyway. lols. been sending out resumes the whole morning. so far, only one has gotten back to me. i sure hope i get a better job than hsbc. >.<

cher asked me to organize dinner this friday.
me: boo! this friday kenny u can?
jo: haha. cannot. cos you say boo.
me: *stunned* + *-_-*
lols. jo is bloody cute lar! ^^

happy m00ncake festival !!

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