have deleted my previous post cos looking back, i think it was pretty awful. lols. i think i shall continue blogging normally. i don’t see the point of creating 2 blogs, one for happy stuff and one for the opposite. lols.
was at dear’s for dinner yesterday. poor him, waited so long for me. but then can’t blame me. i also waited very long for that agent. blehss. mee likes cuddling and watching tv. lols. ^^

sooo tempted to take half day leave today. after stoning for 8 hrs yesterday, i wasn’t exactly looking forward to stoning again today. but then in the morning, i got a call from grace to say that since melissa is on leave today, she’ll pass the payroll stuff to me instead, in the late afternoon. so mee can’t leave!! ><

lunch came and went. feeling pretty bo liao, so…

lols. i think i’ve been taking too many leaves. it seemed so long since i’ve been at the riverside. hahas. i used to think fullerton looked rather grand and nice, being a 6 star hotel. but having spent nearly 5 months staring at it, i’ve come to dread it already. i’m praying i don’t get a job at the esplanade. lol.

oh wells. met cher and jo for dinner at marina. finally satisfied my kenny craving. i was practically salivating at the smell of roasted chicken and the sight of macaroni cheese. and the potato salad! yums. ^^ forgot to take pics tho. heex.

popped down harry’s@esplanade for a drink. had wanted to opt out initially (dead beat), but in the end was persuaded by the gals. thankfully they did. i can’t say i’m addicted, but i’m definitely hooked on pubbing. hehes. the atmostphere was a lil off at harry’s, and a lil uncomfortable to be sitting on that high stool with heels on, but…let’s find a better one next time. lols.

was kinda nice to swop drinks and try all. looking forward to the next outing again. muacks you gals! =D

it’s 12.18am only, but i’m wondering why it feels like 3am already. hahas. tired i guess. so not looking forward to work next monday. haish.


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