what’s this? ^^

[ french toast ^^ ]

[ chocolate, cheese, hotdog, plain? lol ]

hehes. thanks for the nice ‘ai xin‘ breakfast. he said he starting preparing at 6plus this morning. but then since it wasn’t originally for me, i shouldn’t be feeling too guilty eh? LOL. no lar, thanks alot lor. see you so nice deliver to causeway point somemore, treat you pariss when you come back ba! hahas! take cares there; don’t shoot any kangaroos or koalas, and have fun ba. =)

can’t wait for 2 more weeks where i can finally meet logas. again, haven’t seen her in years! misshiu gurl!

oh yeah, thanks taufiq for those songs. love the lyrics.

p/s. i just got official approval to pub, so gals, when go pubbing again? lol.


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