since {eskimo kisses} is apparently ‘offensive’, i’ve changed it to {sweet memoriies} instead. song is sweet memories by olivia ong. go here if you want it. my mood is so totally ruined.


had quite a lot to blog at first, but somehow i’ve lost the mood to. so i’ll just put them in random points.

#1: introducing! it’s by far the best site to watch anime and drama series. although it’s free, you still have to sign up to watch. but it’s worth it. shinji should pay me for promoting her site. =P

#2: those who like detective shows, try detective academy q. very nice.

#3: i just found out that, under the penal code, it’s an offence to seduce a married woman, but yet it’s not an offence to seduce a married man. LOL.

#4: received an sms from mel this morning. “pls show interns ur techniques of chasing as till now still no ref check replies since u left.” muhahaha~! now you know i’m important? and to any relevant people reading this now, please for god’s sake, COMPLETE those reference checks that are being sent to you. don’t make things hard for other companies can?! zzZz.

#5: one more week of slacking left. f4.

[ eros; master of levitation ]

p/s. looking forward to the dinners/pubbing this weekend. =)

p/p/s. you can either stand up, be a man and take it in your stride, or continue willowing in self-pity. since you chose the latter, i have nothing to say. period.

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