happy birthday to mee! ^^

first & foremost, need to thank {family, sherry, judy, taufiq di, kai, linz, yingg, xia mei, sasa, yanzhu, cher, shuhui, jolin, logas, nagend, gary, michelle..} for their birthday wishes and prezzies. sorry if i’ve missed anyone out; you know i still love you. LOL.

alrights now. met logas and nagend this afternoon at vivo. i miss her! also got a few years din see her liao lor. she hasn’t changed much, she said i din change much either. hahas. went food republic for lunch. she didn’t want me to treat her, so i guess i just have to wait till the next time i see her. thanks nagend for drinks and dessert too. can see he was bored. poor thing. i feel bad, for taking up their private time. hahas. but anyways, really nice to see her again. from her stories, working as a nurse sounds pretty fun. xD

she wanted to buy her studs, so we walked around trying to find some. finally found chameleon, and guess what i saw? hairbands! hahas. okies i’m lame. i’ve always wanted to try hairbands but can’t find a nice one. lucky i had great hairstylist logas with me this time. i’m happys. ^^

then met gary for dinner. finally satisfied my subway cravings. black olives rule! muhahaha~ also went to toy’r’us. no peekaboo eeyores this time tho. sadded. played pool awhile. kns him lor. bully me nia. it was harry’s after that. at last, i manage to get some alcohol. lol. ordered pina colada, but it tasted abit weird. maybe the coconut they used was bad. =X

oh wells. i’m 2o. sobs.


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