what is true love?

life is about finding the process of love.
each person needs to find 4 people in his life.
one, yourself.
two, the one you love most.
three, the one who loves you most.
four, the one to spend your life with.

first, you will meet the one you love most, and experience being in love.
when you understand what it feels like to be in love,
you will find the one who loves you most.
after being loved and in love, you will understand love.
thus, you will know what you want,
as well as the find the most suitable one to spend your life with.

unfortunately, in reality, these three people are often not the same one.
the one you love most, does not choose you;
the one who loves you most, is not the one you love most;
and the one whom you will spend your life with,
is not the one you love most nor the one who loves you most.
it’s only because he’s at the right place, at the right time.

which person will you be in others’ lives?

nobody will intentionally have a change of heart.
when he loves you, he means it. when he doesn’t, he means it too.
when he loves you, he cannot pretend he doesn’t.
similarly, when he doesn’t love you, he cannot pretend he still does.

if someday he wants to leave you, ask yourself if you still love him.
if you don’t, don’t force yourselves to be together because of pride. it’s pathetic.
if you do, you will want him to live happily, with the one he loves most.
if you stop him from finding true love, it means you don’t love him anymore.
and if you don’t, why accuse him of having a change of heart?

love is not possession.
you may love the moon, but you cannot pluck it down and keep it,
but the moonlight can still shine in through the window.
in other words, if you love someone, you can love him in another way.
let him be a memory you’ll never forget in this life.

when you truly love someone, you need to accept his strengths and weaknesses,
and not make him change to become the person you want him to be.

there is no reason for true love. all you know is :
no matter when and where, however your mood may be,
you only want him to be by your side.
true love is about weathering storms together.
after all, love is about taking and giving.

separation is a form of test;
if your relationship is not stable enough, you cannot deny you’ve lost.
true love will not turn to hate.

i have met the second and third, you? how many have you found?
amongst so many people, who have you met?

p/s. this piece of advice have followed me over the years. it’s originally in chinese, but i translated it over. pardon me for any mistakes. the chinese version is much more meaningful, and there’s a last verse which i hadn’t translated cos it’s hard to. anyway, hope this makes as much sense to you guys as it does to me. hope it helps! =))

i’m suddenly reminded of emilia’s big big world.


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