i need a pet.

was watching {the protectors} on animal planet this afternoon. 2 cops on horses patrolling the night streets of manhattan. it’s cute how the cop called his horse a babe magnet. but seriously, i wish we have this in singapore. we are soooo un-animal friendly. tsk tsk.

mee wants a pet. f4. it doesn’t help that my next door neighbor recently got a lovely golden retriever puppy. super kawaii~! ><

oh wells. i lubs crunchyroll. watched {steps} recently. finished all 20 episodes of it within 2 days. very nice show. go watch it if you’re free. ^^ i’m starting to like bernice liu. haha. {steps} got me tempted to try latin & ballroom dancing. maybe i should hurry up and sign up for lessons before the temptation starts to fade.

lalala~ anyone watched {on the first beat} already? it’s the sequel to {the academy}. i’ve just started watching it and i’m deciding whether or not to continue, cos it looks boring. hahas.

maple is monotonous. so is audi. i want shopping & pubbing. but i need a job first. i’m broke. hais.


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